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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  September 26, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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he's very friendly. nice guy. still very lucky that i got to work with him. >> if this baby finds her family then maybe i can find my. >> you'll find your family. >> do you think? >> for sure. >> what was it like being together working together in the recording booth? >> it was really fun. you know, she, katie is very funny. and comedians working with comedians always adds to things. >> we are delivering a baby. >> if anyone finds out about this i am dead meat. >> what is "storks" about? >> great question. "storks" is a film about a top gun type guy, me, who goes on a life adventure. >> you are kind of like a mailman. >> i would say like a fighter pilot. >> who delivers packages like a mailman. >> let's agree to disagree. i guess the lesson we learned today is don't ask me why i want to be boss, good talk, good talk. >> you guys got to improvise a lot, right? >> yes, we could take things farther and then they would figure out exactly where that scene should so. >> and then all the actual work was done by animaters.
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>> yeah. we are going to destroyal whole room? >> we have to chase the chimney with a slide to when the storks deliver by baby brother. >> moms are fun too. >> i heard that. >> do you ever remember having that moment when they they said where do babies come from. >> you are what did you del them? >> defending on how old they are, but mostly when people people enjoy each other and they are in love a child is a flex of their love and a baby is always a bless something aja appropriate response which is babies come from two people who love each other. >> my mom told me way too late i was midway through puberty and she was like aim going to tell you how this works. and i was like, please, i know, i found the box of playboys, i know how this all works. [ laughter ] >> people go a pilgrimage around the world and never talk about it. get to the plane to finally go home and oh, by the way, moms and dads do this. >> there you go. >> my old nemesis. >> birds can't see glass!
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>> oh, no. >> left, right, left. >> not working. >> are you kidding me? >> okay, so let's just that it up. why should we go see this movie and really sell it? >> what will really grab audience is his howie motion the movie is. >> don't mention the end you don't want to ruin it. >> there is an amazing moment at the end when you know how fresh us families are. and music swells. are you crying? >> no, the bright lights were in my eyes talking about ending. >> do you need a tissue? >> you know, you just really -- >> he's crying. >> you wish! you ruined the ending. >> let me show you how to fly this. >> hello, i am a birdie am pretty sure i know how to -- i was wrong, i was immediately wrong! >> is your seat wet? >> yep, i peed in the see when we were falling. ♪ ♪ up next a story of pure hope and determination. stick around for "queen of
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ii'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers.age. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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♪ made in hollywood ♪ and we return to the toronto international film festival for the "queen of katwe." which follows a young girl's journey from the slums of africa to world famous chess player. >> hi, my name is lupita nyong'o and you are watching "made in hollywood." here is a scene from my next filament "queen of katwe." >> how do you do big things from such a small place? >> don't think about such things. >> why not? >> you'll be disappointed. >> i saw this move on the same day where i had to tape my show and so i went in thinking don't
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cry, patrick, because later today you have to be on tv. don't cry. >> uh-huh. >> don't cry. and then guess what happened. >> you cried. >> absolutely. >> good for you. >> yeah. like a lovely little baby. that was a beautiful little movie. you had to see that emotion when you went in to this project. >> oh, yeah, i was crying 10 pages in to reading the script. so i fully understand. >> it's how i felt definitely reading it for the first time. i was just so taken aback by the fact that disney were making this movie. in fact, that we were going to see africa celebrated rather than, you know, what i deem to be another negative story out of africa. >> but the ordinary tales of extraordinary people has yet to be scene. and this "queen of katwe" was that opportunity for me. >> young girl. come inside. >> when i saw the film for the first time, i was not anticipating the ugliness of the cry that was going to come. and so, yeah, i feel your pain
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patrick. >> did you show fiona how to move the pieces? >> in chess the small one can become the big one. >> there are extraordinary people in this film. >> of course. >> you have classically trained actors and complete newbies. >> yes. >> that was what marriage like for you? >> well, i have actually always done that, you know, worked with nonactors and legends in the same frame. >> as wonderful as it is to work with appreciate, experienced, experienced,bilitbrilliant acto, the more technically pro efficient you get maybe you lose a little bit of that awe and freshness. >> i am putting people there because you are dance to go sell. >> and taped could have lack of artisan enable -- artifice, enables them to drop it and achieve that pure pi within them -- purity within them. ♪ ♪ >> use your mind. ♪ ♪ >> and you will all find safety.
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>> i must have seen 700 girls before finding -- >> 700? >> 700 girls before finding her to play fiona. because she carries really this film on her shoulders. so she was found by my casting director deena stafford. >> come back here. >> she's never acted before. her name is madina, and she was in a dance troop. she was just so absorb he want and so curiouser to get better and better. from her role and i think she gets that from the disgenerals and discipline of dance. >> i am not letting her. >> you can see it move ahead. >> check mate. >> check mate. >> she won. >> you can be the best in all of uganda. >> how can i become the champion? >> she draws me back down, in those flashbacks and then you end up crying. >> yes. true, true, it's just my life. it's really my life. >> sometimes people the not used to is not the place that you
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belong. >> it's a story of truth and struggle but it's a bolt of joy. >> ♪ >> just to tell this really small story about a girl from a really hard place who achieves a really big dream. >> what matters is when you [ inaudible ] >> it's winning. keep winning. >> and play a game. ♪ ♪ will be almost 30-year-old agrees to let her two best friends throw her a birthday party but what's supposed to be a simple celebration spirals out of control in "dirty 30". >> hi, you are watching "made in hollywood." here is a scene from the new movie "dirty 30". >> sorry. work drama. >> hey, linda. >> oh, my god. >> i was really looking forward to going cross country skiing with the family. i get it, we are lying. >> i want to actually ask you about the fact that you have this huge massive youtube following. so how did you know that you could turn this following and
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this fan base and blend the lines of film, tv and youtube. >> we actually didn't know for sure. we took a chance. i mean, i didn't know that youtube would be my job when i first started out in entertain think. so anything is possible. we knew that was true. and so we, hannah and i made a film two years ago called camp dakota it was a project that we were passionate about and we loved working together and it turned out that the audience we built online really loved it and so we thought okay that works well. so why don't we do that against. again. >> your profile says you work in the film industry. >> i work in at take two have i. >> my exboyfriend just walked in the door. >> you want to make him jealous. >> no. >> touch the shoulder. >> whoa. >> was this one random day you thought i am going to make a feature film? >> it's my second one so with this i was turning 30 and i had a blast doing it, i really embrace age, but i had so many friends that were freaking out about it. and i didn't understand it.
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so that's kind of what the inspiration was behind it. >> let's see what you've got. ♪ ♪ >> wow. >> wow. >> i didn't recognize me in my weekend look, did you? >> in the film, her character has this letter that's accepted to her from her 16-year-old self. my question is if you were to go back in time and talk to your 16-year-old self what would you tell her? >> what would i tell my 16-year-old self? i would say that the internet is going to be important. so pay attention to that and trust your instincts when you want to hang out by yourself at homemaking dumb videos it will work out okay. >> hey, dude. probably the first thing i would say. how is your day? the second thing would be you know, trust more and stress less,. >> don't sweat the small stuff because now i am getting to make movie with his my friends and right now it's monday morning and i am two glasses of wine in by noon. everything is going to be okay. ♪ ♪
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>> freeze! >> stay tuned, there is more coming up on "made in hollywood." ♪ made in hollywood ♪ this is crazy cool. we are going to the movies. >> you are forgetting one thing. we don't have tickets. >> oh, yes, we do. >> and how is it that we have tickets? >> simple, i used >> the movie tickets dot what now. >> you don't know? >> what in. >> oh, my gosh you don't know. >> i know. >> is the easiest way to get your tickets. >> i know. >> you don't. oh, man, you laugh when you are uncomfortable. >> no. >> am i pushing your bunts. >> no. >> yes, i am. beep, beep, boop, boop. >> back off! oh, no! >> before you flock to the movies get your tickets on line and on your mobile device with the intelligent way to go to the movies. >> i guess the lesson we learned today is always buy your tickets through [ laughter ] >> okay. good talk.
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i can't even explain it. >> did you have fun out there. >> yes, we had a fantastic time. >> i missed you, did you miss me? >> absolutely. >> prior to this he said no. you are only saying that because you are on camera now. >> i don't remember that. >> for the latest news. and celebrity interviews go online to ♪ made in hollywood ♪ made in hollywood ♪ made in hollywood
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live from the cbs3 wherebying broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. >> it's a touchdown. jordan matthews with carson wentz. welcome to wentzylvania. they crushed the steelers the third straight win. i'm natasha brown thanks for staying up late. eagles ended as the under dogs but dominated pittsburgh from start to finish. let's bring in don bell still riding high. this is amazing.
2:24 am
>> wentzylvania. >> carson city, wentzylvania >> seemed so natural. >> and this kid is natural. he's 23 and he took on the steelers pittsburgh with super bowl aspirations, they're the second best odds to win the super bowl after the new england patriots. let's get to the highlights. let's show you carson wentz there's the kid getting the troops fired up. over to jordan matthews for touchdown 10-0. eagles. and it were done, wentz again from the shotgun standing delivering, on the move, hooking up with darin sproeshlgs 33 but you can't tell it because 43 can -- 73 yards to the house. his logic touchdown reception in seven years. eagles on top. 20 to three. they go on to win it. 34 to three.
2:25 am
carson wentz, two touchdowns >> i'm having a lot of fun out there. you know, like i said it starts with the big guys. loots, everyone got a lot of confidence in themselves and everyone goes out and has high expectations for themselveses and for the guys around us. we're playing inspired football >> those are the types of things we know he can do. just -- just he just keeps gaining confidence every single week. >> a fun fact for you. with the loss. steelers are 0 and nine playing in philadelphia since 1965. expectations. now, sky high for the eagles and their fans, eyewitness reporter joe holden spent the night checking the pulse of eagles nation ythere was so much to love about this game. a lot to talk about. it was a fun contest. but remember, going into this, the eagles were projected to
2:26 am
lose. >> eagles. >> reporter: right around the time the eagles train was overrunning, the pittsburgh steelers predictions were being made for what's to come. >> going to the playoffs. when a rookie quarterback for the first time ever. >> reporter: not to be overly dramatic but fans describe something magical about this sunday afternoon show down, the birds were could you do as loser, we were told chances were slim, the odds stacked against us >> everybody predicted the eagles would lose this game big. >> reporter: everything about this eagles win was big. just take a look at the reaction here. the guys so happy, he couldn't find the words. or the men with the most shocked look on his face. we feel you. and this feeling fans say was a long time coming. >> be on our way, something good. it's a shocker. i've been an eagles fan since five years old. man, this is one of the greatest plays i ever seen.
2:27 am
>> reporter: yes, it's late september and the season is young. but to think about this most important of tests. >> all i thought was as long as they can keep up with the steelers, i'd be happy. instead, we beat the hell out of them. >> reporter: a loan steelers fan put feeling the burn. >> i mean, this is the year. >> is it really. >> i think it is. >> how about those 76ers. >> reporter: south philly joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. by the way, eagles they have a with week coming up and then in two weeks, they visit detroit to take on the lions. sad news to report, golf legend and pennsylvania nave, arnold palmer died at the age of 87. >> and a heart, felt thank you. to our four-time master champion, mr. arnold palmer. >> golfing trailblazer arnold palmer was known simply as the
2:28 am
king. he learned the game from the father who was a greens keeper at a golf course. his first tour win was a canadian open in 1955. palmer is credited with making the game popular in the 60's and built a fan base known as arnie's army. over the course of his distinguished career, palmer would go on to win 62 pg, titles and seven major championships, including the masters four times. he was the first man to reach $1 million in earnings on the pga tour. he was also a savvy businessman, he has a drink named after him and the recipient of the presidential medal of freedom and congressional gold male. >> i like to think that golfers promote some sort of human values that symbolize so many americans. >> following the news of his death, jack nicholas said in a statement, arnold palmer transcended the game. golf. he was more than a golfer or
2:29 am
great golfer. he was an icon. tiger wood said his that you want to are part of his alleged >> arnold palmer gone at the age of 87. one of the all time greats. >> thank you so much. . another sport that is suffering from a loss. baseball is mourning the death of miami marlin pitcher jose fernandez, the 24-year-old and two of his friends were killed earlier when their boat smashed into a jetty off miami beach. investigators point to seating as the cause of the crash. this past week, jose posted this picture of his pregnant girlfriend with the caption, quote, i'm so glad you came into my life. i'm ready for where this journey is going to take us together. >> the marlin held an emotional press conference expressing their grief. >> jose left us far too soon. his memory will endure in all of us >> you watch kids play little
2:30 am
league or something like that. that's at the joy that jose played with >> i don't know if there's words to express you know how i feel. it's a tremendous loss. >> the marlins cancelled today's game against the braves monday's game against the mets will be played as scheduled. now, in charlotte, north carolina, protesters march for the sixth day following the deadly police-involved shooting of keith scott. at cbs correspond don champion reports, the protesters gathered outside of the panthers game. >> reporter: protesters used sunday's carolina panthers nfl game as a backdrop. dozens angered by the police killing of keith lamont scott marched outside bank of america's stadium and needle during the national anthem. inside, in an apparent show of solidarity wore a shirt.
2:31 am
>> at some point, we have to hold people accountable. >> reporter: the protests came day after charlotte police released video of shooting death, police maintained he would not drop the gun before he was shot. >> in every encounter people can make a decision to follow lawful loud verbal commands. >> reporter: leaders still on edge overnightly protests again used extra officers and national guards men to keep order sunday. montcos in charlotte's uptown area will try to get back to business. >> i hope america wakes up. >> reporter: toussaint has been hailed a peace-maker during tension filled protesters he feels after scott's case drops from the headlines calls or policing reform will get drowned out >> it will take for the people to stand up and say enough is enough. not just the people out here.
2:32 am
everyone. >> reporter: investigators are still looking into scott's death. don champion cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> tomorrow will be another solemn day in wilmington. the bodies of firefighters killed in the line of duty saturday morning will be taken two to their respective funeral home, 41-year-old leakage and 51-year-old jerry fickes were killed as they were fighting a fire in a row home. a woman and six children got out safely. four other firefighters injured, one of them remains critical tonight. authorities also searching a home linked to suspect of the deadly mall shootings in washington state. police say they are now focusing on a house in oak harbor washington as well as a car that may be connected to 20-year-old arcan cetin. police say they're also speaking
2:33 am
with relatives. cetin is suspected of shooting and killing five people friday night at the cascade mall. returning now to campaign 16, over 42 days in the the election as we count down, the race in pennsylvania, it is tightening. a new morning call muleberg college poll shows hillary clinton hold, a narrow lead. three points, 44 to 41%. she's down six points from a week ago when she maintained a nine-point lead over trump in the keystone state. polls across the country show a tight race heading into tomorrow's big debate. it's expected to be one of the most widely watched presidential debates since card versus reagan in 1980 >> donald trump met with ben netanyahu in trump tower. he said in addition to museum
2:34 am
global concerns, the pair discussed israel's security. hillary clinton had her own sit-down with the prime minister later sunday, clinton and trump are pushing trfrp's button on the eve of the debate. he's putting mark cuban in the front row and jennifer flowers who had affair with bill clinton. >> we want hillary to have an opportunity >> i coach students >> two quantities will identify the winner, >> a, they able to be clear about their policy, b, they're likeable and approachable. >> reporter: the loser will be the one who loses their cool first. >> you can watch tomorrow night's debate here on cbs3. starts at 9:00. cbs3 anchor jessica dean is in new york for the debate. look for her live reports
2:35 am
tomorrow starting at 5:00 on "eyewitness news." civil rights icon jesse jackson campaigned for hillary clinton in philadelphia. he spoke about the importance of voting. >> the crowds have the right to vote. those who saw to deny the right to vote. wish they to not vote is to surrender. >> just a reminder, pennsylvania official voter registration deadline is october 11th. a royal visit for our neighbors to the north. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight. we're going to go to take you along as prince william and the duchess of cambridge tour canada. a local community joins for a special 7-year-old. see why thousands of people are praying for phila m


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